Folk Wisdom

It is truly heart warming to be given simple wisdom, in a simple and straightforward form. Such is the little ditty received via email this evening. Thank you good sangha friend.

Experiencing isolation or damage,
can leave you with emotional baggage.
People ask how can you manage?
Should we just use a psychotropic bandage,
or take the chance to learn a new language?
Mental health problems are always symbolic,
they talk in a code that defies logic.
Listen deeply and together we will solve
conflict from the past that has continued to evolve
into a few demons we need to understand
with a respectful dialogue that can’t be planned
completely, but with a few skills,
we will no longer need to head for the hills.
So speak with the the body, the spirit and the heart,
becoming multilingual is the best way to start
a mutually beneficial process.
In our folk wisdom we already know this.

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