Food for the Sick and the Thirsty

The altar set ready for the Feeding of the Hungry Ghosts ceremony held yesterday in Edmonton, Canada.

Nearly everybody has left after the retreat here at Throssel. This email arrived just now with news of a returning friend:
Dear Rev Mugo, Yes she arrived safe this afternoon complete with streaming cold. I have packed her off to bed with inhalations, chest rubbed with essential oils, lem-sip and hot lemon and honey so hopefully she will sleep well.

Thankfully I still have a supply of ColdFX, Edmonton’s own answer to fighting off colds. It really works too.
Many thanks to Michael for the photograph.

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3 thoughts on “Food for the Sick and the Thirsty”

  1. It was a very “home made” ceremony — I think most of us hadn’t been at one before and we found ourselves filling various roles — carrying incense, ringing bells, banging cymbals, chanting Japanese names we hadn’t heard before. Full immersion.

  2. The music just boomed out of our little meditation hall. “What will the neighbors think?” passed through my mind a few times!

  3. I can only imagine!

    Edmonton has a long history of doing this ceremony dating back to the very early days in the 1970’s. Ask Rod.

    Glad you were both there to help feed the thirsty.

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