For the Love of Lucy

I hear that Lucy arranged herself just so.
Just as if she knew it was time to go.
And finding a position for her limbs, she passed.

The posting titled Animals and End of Life Issues, has stimulated quite a bit of feedback. The following letter is from a former congregation member in Edmonton and I know just how hard it was for her during and after the family dog Sandy died. So I was especially pleased to receive this letter. I believe it is not uncommon for this kind of resolution to come via a dream. Some dreams have a particular quality to them and can convey a teaching or, as in this case can console and help set grief and loss to rest.

Dear Reverend Master Mugo,
I caught up on your website and enjoyed your recent postings about animals. I especially appreciated the writing about Peter the cat and the kind act that the neighbor performed. I was holding onto a little regret and self-blame with Sandy’s death – it really hurt to think of the suffering she endured near the end. About a week ago, she appeared to me in a dream. I gave her a meal and she stepped up to place her paws in my hands- we were standing face to face. She was completely content and joyful and communicated the utmost gratitude towards me. It really helped me to start to let go of those feelings of regret and guilt.

On this note, could you please offer merit to Jasper the dog? When Chris was here last, we happened upon a dog that had just been hit by a car. It was in front of a neighbor’s house and the dog was just a pup. It was really admirable how Jasper’s person handled the unfortunate situation. I could tell that she was upset but she remained calm and was most worried about the woman who hit Jasper who was very shook up. She consoled the woman and tried to assure her that it was not her fault. I ran into my neighbor last night and she informed me that Jasper had been put to sleep. His leg was broken in two places. She thinks that Jasper was chasing a butterfly when he got in the way of the van driving by.

I last saw Lucy in Montana four years ago when this picture was taken with one of her loving companions. The list is long. Leo and Buddy come especially to mind this evening. Perhaps we will all meet in our dreams.

I’m in Whitefish Montana.

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2 thoughts on “For the Love of Lucy”

  1. We just arrived back from our long journey late yesterday afternoon and reading the recent posts really touched me. While we were gone we constantly thought about how our two cats were doing. Our wonderful neighbors came twice a day and fed them and played with them and we knew they were in good care, but still the sense of distance can be painful. When we were in the far north of Norway, we had a chance to see three cats sitting on a fisherman’s house steps…I think I might send you the picture when we download it…it was really a fun picture and at that moment we were approached by one of the cats. On board our ship there was also a service dog helping an elderly gentleman. Amazing the love and care that can be given to us by our animal friends! By the way, last night and this morning, Griffin and Lynx have spent most of their time in our laps! Good to read the blog again! And you’ve also been close to where my sister lives…she’s in Sagle, Idaho. Take care.

  2. Too bad I didn’t know about your sister I’d have offered to visit her, I was staying in Sagle…

    I’d love to see the photograph and you are lucking your cats knew you both when you got back from your travels, many don’t for several days.

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