The Fragrant Hill

Know that it is by the means of the self that we find the Buddha Nature. Know that it is by the gateway of the body that we find the spirit. Do not be concerned with places and things, with heavens and hells; do not be attached to your training: Gyatei, gyatei, haragyatei, going on, going on, always going on to the Fragrant Hill; Ten thousand miles in a flash of an eye.
-Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett

I was so glad to come across this quote amongst the pile of lecture notes and papers I’ve been sorting through. I’m not sure of its origin however it certainly sounds like my Master alright. She would quite often answer a certain kind of spiritual question with Gyatei, gyatei, directing us to keep going.

What of the Fragrant Hill though? Can it be anywhere other than right here, right now? And still there is the Gyatei, Gyatei.

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2 thoughts on “The Fragrant Hill”

  1. What fantastic words! I can feel a relief somewhere inside me just reading them. Thanks so much for posting. Lately I’m beginning to see just how much I’ve tried to exclude ‘me’ from the practice over all these years, when it could well be my greatest asset in all this.

    Gassho, Dave

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