Is This Full Circle?

The other day I found out, quite by chance, that the temple that is hosting my stay, Poh Ern, is the temple where Rev. Master Jiyu stayed on her arrival in Singapore in 1962. Ven Sumangalo, an American and resident chief priest when Rev. Master stayed, was the first Western to become an abbot of a Buddhist temple in Singapore. He was only there for a short time however he had a big hand in developing Buddhist activities for the youth in Singapore and Malaysia.

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One thought on “Is This Full Circle?”

  1. Very smart bloggy page, Reverend, I’m red, white, green, and blue with envy. My poor efforts to design my own blogspot are not too impressive so far. But we shall improve. I’ll write again sometime. I hope to see you at THBA for the monastic gathering in September.

    Take good care, Chushin.

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