Xmas card from my father, 1988!

Amazing! A christmas card sent to me by my father here at Throssel in 1988. It brought tears to my eyes to see his writing, almost illegible but all the same…what a gift. Holiday cards thought to be worth recycling are kept for future use in a box in the ‘project room’. I don’t think we even had one back 30 years ago! All those years this box has been shift about, buried and yet kept.

A few weeks ago the monk in charge of the projects room discovered this card and realizing it was sent to me years ago, gave it back. I was absolutely delighted. What did he say?

My dear H,

Happy Christmas holiday and new year. Hope you do not have to do too much cooking. (I was the cook at the time.)

Hope the Black Hole is not sitting on your back – anyway it is nearly Black Hole Day – 21st December. Winter Solstice which is far more important than Xmas to me.

We are nearly over our flu, but for a short time it does take it out of you. Just today your mother has noticed and you can see and feel the callous in her arm so it must be joined by now! (she broke her collar-bone in the summer).

Sorry that Mr. Cook is so ill. (Parkinson’s). Only hope that he doesn not have to suffer too long. Trust that you will get to see him and Mrs. Cook.

Love Daddy,

What a gift!


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5 thoughts on “Gifts”

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely letter.
    We called my Father, Daddy, until
    he died. I was 33 years old and he was
    just 70.
    Best wishes for the New Year
    and beyond.
    With dharma love,
    Jisen 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏿

    1. Dear Jisen, Bows to you. I converted to calling dad ‘father’ quite early. I once broached the subject of calling him by his first name but he wasn’t keen. He was of an age when offspring didn’t do that. Father died when he was in his 80th year, anniversary coming up quite soon.
      All best wishes and merit for the coming year.

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