A number of gifts today starting with this small cake and candle received soon after the new year turned. As we walked back to our rooms in the dark after our New Year ceremony we pondered aloud on how they were doing in Allendale. We looked in that direction, a glow rimmed the moors above us.

Other gifts: my late Masters birthday today, my late mothers birthday today (would have been 100 years old), a fluke of a meeting with reader and partner and small child while out for a walk (what a joy!), walk with guest and reader to visit her late husbands grave, discover in conversation with a regular here that he is a Jade regular too… Lots of gifts one way and another. And comments-they are a very much a gift too.

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3 thoughts on “Gifts”

  1. Rev. Mugo
    I hope you and your Family have a safe, happy and healthy new year.
    I need to catch up on your most recent posts.
    I did see something in a recent post about Thomas Merton and as a coincidence
    would have it, there is a program about his life on my local PBS (public broadcast station)
    tonite. Sounds like a good way to start the New Year.

  2. What a lovely gift is this post! The cake so bright it almost jumps out of the picture to be eaten. The news of minus degrees makes our 40 seem like a tropical paradise.

  3. A small simple cake,
    A small simple candle.
    What a wonderful simple statement!
    It says so much.

    Happy New Year!


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