Giving Expression

Behind the scenes much has been happening. Emails back and forth. Phone calls. Words of encouragement and some cajoling too. Fingers have been typing, minds have been exercised. Hearts are opening like flowers.

Very soon there will be a tab under the banner image which will read Contributors. Click on that and you will meet people, initially two and later more, who I have asked to write for Jade.

This is an experiment, I’ve been told Jade is an experiment. An exploration would suite better.

We say that in the beginning one trains for ones own benefit, later for the benefit of others. Later training is seen to be for both self and other.

In truth, however, in the beginning, middle and end there is just training. Could that be the exploration, the lively active encounter? Endless and without edges? There is a saying: Enlightened action leaves no wake. and There is no doer who does the deed nor one who reaps the fruit. And still there is the every present matter of action, responding, giving expression.

Thank you contributors. This development is an expression of Refuge. Refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Treasures all.

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One thought on “Giving Expression”

  1. Hi Jim and Andrew, I’d just like to say I’m looking forward to further contributions from you both on Jade Mountains, thanks for being prepared to do this. I’m sure you’ll both add a lot of value to the site.

    And thanks to Rev Mugo for developing Jade Mountains in the first place and being prepared to ‘experiment’ with it :o)

    In gassho, Kevin

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