Going on, always going on

Phew! Its just an hour before the Funeral. This is what I have to say. You are the first to listen.

While we carry with us a diversity; of backgrounds, memories, living conditions, life conditions, it’s now our time to allow them to fall into the background of our consciousness. To allow ourselves to know in the depths of ourselves that Time, Space and Form lose their ordinary everyday meaning.  That truth will articulate in your own religious or non-religious affiliations. It is up to each of us to plumb the depths; no teacher, master or guide, or spiritual friend can do that for us.

Let us not pity or grieve or imagine a loss or pine for the past, or worry about the hole in our lives that a loss brings, or indeed have ideas about what happens when the life goes out of us or the life goes out of our nearest and dearest.

At death as in life fundamentally we go on alone AND, big AND, we have the hearts – minds -and hands of those near and far. Not as a crutch, not at all, more that, the heats, minds and hands are that which give us wings to set us free.

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9 thoughts on “Going on, always going on”

  1. I really love this. Thanks Mugo. I guided a bereavement meditation for university students yesterday and would have loved to use some of this. Are you happy for me to do that next time?

    In gassho,


    1. I’m happy for you to use whatever from this site if it helps being. Especially those in extremity. Do you have affiliations with OBC temples or monks or generally with people doing this practice. Drop me a note via the contact form.

  2. I’m so grateful for the link to join Rev Saido’s funeral from afar. It means a very great deal . Many memories, sadness and joy mingled together, with great gratitude.
    In gassho

  3. Thanks Rev. Mugo for officiating. It was a moving ceremony and I am grateful I could see it streamed.

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