Going On From What You Know

May the light shine through. See end of post.
May the light shine through. See end of post.
Yesterday’s ‘poem’ points very much to going on from what you know. This is a constant letting go alluded to in the ‘poem’ from last week, Over and over and Again and Again.

In May 2011 I was asked to give a formal Dharma Talk at Shasta Abbey and in preparation I wrote notes starting with this one Pilgrimage Revisited. Here is an extract from that introductory post.

Sitting still, allowing the senses to still, we enter into a metaphorical darkness of unknowing by allowing the known to fade. This is however an illuminated darkness, bright aliveness of body and mind rises naturally – given half a chance. So, within compassion/acceptance for all that comes and goes, letting go and trusting is…about how it is.

The habit is to follow the arising and the passing. To entertain, wine and dine, thoughts, sensations, emotions, bright ideas, memories etc. It is enough to notice the arising and passing, simply noticing is the letting go. Noticing over and over again, the known fades in importance.

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I spent last week amongst a remarkable group of people. Each in their own way remarkable, and brave. In a certain way of looking at it the week was about letting go of the known, the familiar.

May the merit of this post go to J, a woman in New York who is in a coma at the moment. May light shine through. Have a thought. Please?

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