Grappling With Teaching

Just because it was there…!

I’ve received several appreciative emails following the long post about Being Good For Others. It really points to, or tries to address, the testing question of ‘teaching’. Perhaps more in the informal sense of teaching.

Walter very kindly sent in a link to a YouTube video of the last section of Amongst White Clouds a film about hermits in the mountains of China. The ancient monk is grappling with the matter of teaching from ones own experience. He is a humble monk, and he glows. Just watching his face is teaching enough.

Thanks Walter, as always.

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4 thoughts on “Grappling With Teaching”

  1. Yes, I remember watching this on DVD some years back. I see the whole film is available to watch on the net. Those shown are illuminating. I’ll watch it again.

    Nice picture – is there a hint of spring there? Great colours, very lively.

  2. I do have the video and have watched it. Only makes me think of walking up the mountain, in person. But NO, I’m not going to China again any time soon.

    Glad you like the picture. It kind of jumped out at me as I was walking up the road one sunny morning.

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