Happy New Year

Let’s start the year with a bit of fun.

Anybody able to guess where this picture was taken? Where exactly it was taken?
Here is a shed fancies fantasy! I doubt if anybody can guess where this one was taken, except the reader who took the picture of course. Anybody care to make a guess?
The clue for this one is cake with lots of cream, and cherries. Same clue for this one.

We had a bit of fun during the last ‘tea’ of the New Year retreat this afternoon. We told stories of our near brushes with near fame, quite a favourite with the monastic community as well. One chap told us about how his six month old Dalmatian puppy was in the 101 Dalmatians. Apparently the film took a long time to make and the Dalmatians needed to be around six months old. So as the puppies aged they were retired and new ones drawn in from a register. All over England eager owners of young pups kept their fingers crossed they would be called to stardom. I later heard the dog died a few weeks ago, aged twelve.

Fun is fine.

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. I reckon the first was taken from inside the Cove in Castlerigg Stone Circle. Love that place – standing in it gives you such a great sense of place. No idea about the others although the clue may indicate the Black Forest?

  2. I’d agree with gingerpig on the first. Second has a feel of South East Asia about it – maybe Taiwan or Malaysia?

  3. Two I know very well! And I’ll be glad to see them again next weekend! All the best in the New Year! Jack

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