Happy Returns To The Attic

Returned to eastern Cumbria this afternoon, driving along in the autumn sunshine with the hill folds sculpted in autuman light. Happy return.

The wind hums in the open roof light. Ah! cool refreshing moving air. No stars out tonight. I’ve been away from the attic for six weeks. It is so good to be back here, until the spring. Yes, happy return.

And wandering over to Edera’s place I see she has been busy. Here is a translation of a poem:

On days of sorrow I live in complete sorrow
On days of happiness I live in absolute happiness
I have walked step by step with simplicity and diligence
so now a hint of truth is in my view
Nobody lends a hand if you do not find it by yourself
This travel on a narrow path has been difficult but
I have a glimpse of an unbroken world
with gratitude.

Tomorrow is another day.
Another good day.
How fortunate we are!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Returns To The Attic”

  1. It is so easy, too easy, to miss the moments of realization. Of realizing that we are indeed fortunate. SO fortunate. It is good to be back although I must say I was thinking of readers as I trudged across those vast fields of winter wheat in North Norfolk. Still amazed that our ancient footpaths still cut right through the middle of open fields.

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