Help In The Age of Distraction

Howto focus in the age of distractionClick on the image to see the full size version.
If you struggle with keeping focused and moving forward in a pleasingly orderly way you are not alone. This Mindmap, which came in a long letter received well over a month ago, caught my attention as I prepared to responding to it. But that I had been more orderly in my work habits I’d have answered the letter much sooner!

Efficiency isn’t everything of course and I for one find myself oppressed if I get too populated with ‘to do’ lists. The part of the map which speaks of creating rituals and habits is good. Yes and up there top right is Morning Quiet and part of that is….meditation. A very good way to start a day.

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3 thoughts on “Help In The Age of Distraction”

  1. I like this, and thought it would make a great computer “desktop wallpaper” (does that make me an addict?). But being copyrighted permission would be need first I thought. I’ve just visited the “Learning Fundamentals” website and it’s available in a high resolution for a small donation, so that’s good.

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