Helping Grieving Children

I’ve had cause to look into services which help bereaved children and their families. Winstons’s Wish based in the UK looks like a good one.

Fiona husband died by suicide in February 1996, leaving her to raise their unborn child alone. Fiona, from Halesowen, spent years investigating bereavement services and finally found Winston’s Wish, an organisation that could help Fiona and her child David, live with their loss. From a case study.

RD4U (road for you) is another service for bereaved youngsters.

RD4U is a website developed by Cruse Bereavement Care’s Youth Involvement Project which aims to support young people, after the death of someone close to them. We believe that the best way of doing this is to involve young people in planning, developing and delivering services.

Chanel4 made a series of documentaries titled A Child’s Life. One of them, Why did dad choose to die?, deals with the issues around child bereavement due to a parent committing suicide.

Many thanks to those who helped me to find this information this evening.

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One thought on “Helping Grieving Children”

  1. These look like great organizations.

    When my sister died I had to jump in and take care of my niece. Facing her in the immediate aftermath was challenging on many levels. I usually have a solution for everything but not that day. Ultimately I decided that the only thing I could do was be fully present and compassionate.

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