Horribly Jolly

The weather in Britain has been in the news and on all of our minds one way or another. Here is some bright spark who has a solution to the flooding. (Thanks Iain for passing on this item found on the BBC web site in a
comments section.)

I’m going to build an ‘ARK’ with twenty levels, and fill it with fish, well, Carp in particular. Its going to be a multi-storey ‘Carp ark’, that should keep us dry!

My journey to and from Harrogate and Leeds this week end went without event. Returned here Saturday evening to find the phone line was down. No known reason.

As a people we can be horribly jolly in adversity. That doesn’t hurt though.

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6 thoughts on “Horribly Jolly”

  1. The pictures on the TV news of the floods is making me really ‘count my blessings’. It’s scary what has happened.

  2. You’re right.

    I was caught up in the floods – and occasionally marooned – during my journey home through Herefordshire and Gloucestershire on Friday afternoon/ evening…it was someitmes scary, and will prove expensive as my car is going to need a great deal of attention before it moves again. But in a way it was worth it because I met a whole bunch of people I wouldn’t otherwise have met. We had some good craic in the cold and wet, and I experienced some true generosity.

    Many, many thanks to all those who spent Friday evening patrolling the roads in their 4×4’s and tractors, pulling people like me from the floods.

  3. Thanks to all three of you. My mind has been very much directed to those who are suffering from the consequences of the flooding. And sadly there is more rain to come in the next few days.

    There are many stories of people pulling together to help each other. Thank you Hobson’s Choice (do we know each other?) for contributing your experience of kindness encountered on the road.

  4. Hi Rev Mugo.

    My on-line ‘handle’ is probably familiar from a couple of previous comments left on your blog.

    We haven’t properly met in the real world – I was in a group you co-facilitated during an introductory retreat at Throssel Hole around this time last year but I very much doubt you would remember me – I was rather quiet and overwhelmed at the time!

    I hope to visit Throssel for the retreat near the end of August. If you happen to be around, and a suitable opportunity comes up, I’ll come by and say hi.

    Thanks for the blog.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up HC. I came back to Throssel mid September BTW.
    If you, or anybody, plan to be here and would like to see me it helps to let me know in advance. At times I’m not ‘about’ so may not naturally bump into somebody in the course of a day. Also, There are times when I’m called away from the monastery to outside events. But not often.

    As things stand at the moment I plan to remain resident at Throssel until at least mid February…unless something changes. After that? North America for awhile probably.

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