House Keeping.

I have changed a couple of things around leaving comments at the end of postings. The reason being is that I have had a few ‘comment spam’ left which are basically advertisements. A lot of this is done automatically by software which adds comments unrelated to the content of the site. Most often they are anonymous. (I removed comments from the last two postings because of the comment spam I received to-day.)

So, what I have done is enabled the ‘word verification’ option for posting comments. You will see what that means when you go to leave a comment (they are always welcome). What this does is prevent automated systems from adding comments to the blog, since it takes a human being to read the word and pass this step.

The other thing I have changed is to not permit anonymous comments. This means, if you haven’t done it already, you’ll need to become a ‘registered user’. Not got the time to write about that now however if you run into problems drop me a note and I can help you register, or do it for you even. I’ve also change the time shown at the bottom of each posting to reflect where I am, rather than have Japan time…! Which is where I was, some time ago now.

Rest assured that I will continue to make postings so keep coming back and checking from time to time. Hopefully I will get into a regular writing routine as I settle down to priory life.

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2 thoughts on “House Keeping.”

  1. Yes, I had to do the same. Unwanted and irrelevant comments are irritating to say the least.
    Changing the subject slightly, I took a look at a map of Canada t’other day and I see Edmonton is the same latitude as Lancaster(UK).
    You say the the weather there is very cold but crisp and clear. Bit of a contrast to Lancashire. Wet and indifferent.
    Anyway, for the next month I’ll be in Cyprus making art. I’ll keep up my own Blog while I’m there of course.
    Take care

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