House Keeping.

I have been told that this Blogger is taking a long time to open on a dial-up connection so I have changed some settings. I am sorry if this means that people are not able to read the whole blog from it’s start in early April. I am not able to find out right now how or if people will be able now to access the Archive. There is the title ‘Archive’ however it doesn’t seem to open anything. If Iain or anybody else can see a solution to this let me know. In the mean time I hope you continue to visit me here on line. I’ve set the Blogger to show posts from the previous 5 days.

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4 thoughts on “House Keeping.”

  1. Hi Rev Master Mugo.
    More & more Ilook forward to logging on & experience your journey over the internet, the photos are beautiful.The viewing of the sacred sites, ancient temples & people you have met, give a good feeling, one of love & momentum from the far past to the now , & onwards.Something that might seem obvious but not to me, is the vast numbers of people engaged in training, one that your journey has conveyed to me , it gives great hope & inspiration . Iloved the mind image of the large stuffed bear strapped to the back of the man ridding a motorbike , especially after you had watched Mr Bean on dvd during your boat journey. I hope the medicine & treatment you were given worked & the swelling in your legs settles down. Thank you for sharing your informative contemplative & fascinating journey with us all.Please keep it coming.In gassho ,John. (Portsmouth)

  2. The archive works OK. Leastways it does on Broadband. Beneath the word “ARCHIVE” it says April 2005 and May 2005. All one needs to do is click on the particular month and all is revealed.

    It really is wonderful to be able to follow you on your travels and this gives an even deeper meaning to training. It is very re-assuring that whenever one sits, someone somewhere is sitting as well. None of us is alone.

  3. Dear Rev Master Mugo,
    The images will be the slowing loading portion of the blog on a dial-up connection. Short of re-sizing all the images and reducing the colour palette, I can’t think of a simple fix. However all text loads first (at least in my browser), so you could then stop image loading using the stop button on the toolbar, and then click individually the small empty boxes where the images would be, as needed. Alternatively, save the whole site locally (save as html complete), and read off-line. No faster to download, but saves repeated downloads if many people are reading the blog from the one computer at different times. The archive is working as far as I can tell. In fact, you have created a very fine record of a remarkable journey, Rev Mugo! That we can all share part of it is a great kindness – it must take considerable time and effort. Thanks and safe travels!

  4. Thanks again folks for the feedback and assurance that the archive is working and that people will be able to read past posts.

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