I’m just about to switch to the new Blogger. If anything should go wrong, fingers crossed, I’ll post information on my web site, Jade Mountain Buddha Hall.

Here goes….

YES! The switch was successful.
Now I will be able to categorize postings with a label. Not sure how this works however I hope it means that the archive of articles will be more accessible, and therefore viewed more frequently by new visitors.
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2 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

  1. Welcome – I did the same a week or so back, with the same wonder that it worked! In the spirit of your remark on a comment as an offering, I offer this to my mother who is 82 today.
    One of the useless pieces of information I know is that the mitochondria, which are the source of all the energy produced in your body, are inherited entirely from your mother. Seems apt.

  2. Thanks Walter. And how very interesting about mitochondria, our inheritance from our mothers. Happy Birthday to yours.

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