How To Get a Blogger Account.

This is how to sign up for a Blogger Account so that you can post comments. I am no expert and if there is an easier way or refinements can be made to the instructions below, let me know please. I can be emailed via Jademountains web site.

Before you do anything make four choices about your future account:

user name – your name will do fine, what ever you will remember;
password – it has to be at least 6 characters long;
display name – the public will see this name,(an example could be Sarah in Jasper, or Ziggy so nobody knows who you are, except you);
email address – it will remain private, don’t worry.

TIP. Write down your choices exactly, especially your use of upper and lower case letters. Sorry to ‘hand-hold’ however it is SO easy to loose track of such information. For some of us this is a high stress project. So pause, take a few deep breaths to steady yourself.

Now Get Started

1. Scroll to the bottom of this posting and click on ‘Comments’. A window opens.

2. Click on the ‘Sign up here’, another window opens asking for your details – which you have on a piece of paper beside you.

3. Fill out the form, then click in the empty box to accept terms. (To read them, click on the blue lettering. Then click on the X at the top right corner of the page to return to the form.)

4. Click on the large orange arrow to CONTINUE.

5. Choose another use name if your first choice is rejected. Write it down first, then type it into the appropriate box.

6. Click continue. You are asked for information to set up your own blogger. If you want to write a Blog – continue, if not – close the window. You now have a User Name and can post comments.

I just set up a new user name and password for myself, you can see my comment under the November 15th posting. No wonder people are not leaving comments, it’s a lot of work! Have a go why not.

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3 thoughts on “How To Get a Blogger Account.”

  1. Agreed, it can seem a bit forbidding. If I may, I’d only add to your words of encouragement that the account can be deleted at any time, the e-mail address is not published, and you can’t break anything. You can also preview the message before posting.
    Like your other readers, I thought the Rilke very apt. Good timing. Thanks.

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