Human, insightful, Often Profound

The author of the blog Undeceivable came to Throssel a number of times, we must have got talking and kept in touch for a while. I was so delighted to have a comment the other day letting me know he was getting notifications to my posts. Really! There are people following here I have no idea about so it was a real delight to reconnect.

I can do no better this evening than to post this link to Undeceivable – nature, zen and sliding. The link takes you to all the posts labeled Zen for Idiots, human, insightful, often profound. Fun too.

Thanks good friend. Keep on gardening and growing trees. Let’s get down to the important thing.

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4 thoughts on “Human, insightful, Often Profound”

  1. Well, that was a lovely interlude! What a talented and reflective person and such lovely blogs, music, and photographs. Thank you for the link, Rev. Mugo. _/\_

  2. I enjoyed Undeceivable’s blog.What a lovely easy approach the writer has.They open the door to their thoughts so generously.

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