The Human Voice

A large part of the teaching behind the Ceremony of Reading the Ten Precepts is listening. So I decided to experiment with Audioblogger and read something for you to listen to. Not the Precepts though.

I found a Journal from 1975 and some text written by Koho Zenji, Rev. Master Jiyu’s Transmission Master, for people attending Jukai. The message was printed as an introduction to the Kyojukaimon (Giving and Receiving of the Teachings of the Precepts). It starts thus: “The universe is one and undivided, yet seeming different in all its appearances. You who read this are of a different race and language to me yet we are one with all in the Buddha Mind…”

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17 thoughts on “The Human Voice”

  1. Dear Rev. Mugo

    I just came home for my lunch break and was able to hear the audio post. The sound quality was very good and how nice to hear your voice all the way over here in Frankfurt! I’m grateful that you have taken the time to offer all of us who read your blog the opportunity to do so! I check in almost everyday, after I’ve had my lunch and sit with a cup of tea. It’s a nice “Dharma-break” during the day!

    All the best! In gassho…Jack

  2. A splendid job Sensei Mugo, You speak in a beautiful voice and a calming precence. I hope this will become a more frequent addition to your writings. May the precepts permiate us continualy, and resonate in the hearts of all beings.
    Domo arigato Gozaimasu.

  3. Oh, Rev. Mugo, thanks so much! That was a beautiful reading and the sound quality was perfect! Now you have touched someone in Germany, someone in Japan, and someone in the US and many many more…it was so fun to hear your voice!!

  4. Thanks so much for your reading Rev Mugo,the audio post sounds really good in Sweden.
    best wishes,

  5. This is truly wonderful Rev. Mugo. The sound quality is perfect. Now we can not only read the Dharma but hear it too.
    In a deep bow of gratitude,

  6. Really lovely to hear from you Rev Mugo.

    On a more serious note:
    I’ve just come back from a meeting with some friends down in London to celebrate one of them (an artist) having an important exhibition and to give support and encouragement. After the show we drifted on to a pub and the four of us found ourselves sitting on a table with a young woman unknown to us who, after finishing her phone call and involving herself a little in our conversation, broke down in tears and opened up a little, eventually admitting that she was very seriously contemplating suicide. As there were four of us there it was a little difficult to talk to her properly, but a good friend of mine spent a long while consoling her before she upped and left. I feel a little that this is one of those situations where you never know if you did the right thing or said enough. But i felt that it might be appropriate for me to offer merit and goodwill in some way to this person, i very much hope that she is ok.
    I hope that you don’t mind but i felt in some way that this was a good and appropriate place to do it.

    I hope that this is not inappropriate and not too depressing! Maybe you have some advice?

    In Gassho,

  7. Thanks for all of the comments. Seems like the Audioblog was a success, around the world!

    Miles, I offered the merit of our meeting this evening to the girl you mentioned you had met. Yes, it is fine to post this kind of thing on a comment. And, requests for merit notices can be sent to me via email too.

    K’vitsh, as I think you must know, ‘Zen’ stuff kinda passes me by so I can’t say anything much in response.

  8. Dear Rev. Mugo,

    It’s nice to hear Dhamma online! Part of the Dhamma you read really touched me because i was hurt emotionally by some racists people around me a few weeks ago. Now is the time for me to be tested, how much i have developed in the Dhamma, how much wisdom i have : admittedly NONE. Still human. But i’m really grateful to the Buddha for his Dhamma because that stopped me from acting even more foolish. Sadhu!

  9. Thankyou Rev Mugo.
    That’s very kind of you.

    I was always a little unsure about the whole merit issue, not coming to Zen from a devotional perspective.
    Now its all a lot clearer, and very moving.

    In Gassho.


  10. Hi Sampuna, for some reason your message does not seem to be showing on the web site although I did read it via my email. I took a look at your blogs and am glad to read what you have to say as a devout disciple of the Buddha.
    There is much there for people to learn from.

    Thank you for visiting. You may have seen I was in Malaysia at Cheng Hoon Teng in May, sorry to say I missed Wesak by a day or so.

  11. Uh! The whole message from Sampuna has arrived. Good.

    I am very sorry about the racist incident you experienced. While you understandably feel hurt you can know, at the same time, that nothing can harm you in the deepest sense.

  12. I find it very encouraging to read your comments, thank you. I’m glad that the feeling is that this, I presume the audio, is ‘good’.

    Miles, I have been thinking of Podcasts but so far I’ve just thought about it. I’ve never even ventured into listening to one yet.

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