I Met Her At The Health Food Store

A Medical Herbalist pitches her potions to the owner.
I’m gorping at her wares in a basket,
Close to the floor.

Chest Rub.
Contains Essential oils
Of eucalyptus, thyme and lavandin.

I cough. We talk. what do you recommend?
How much? I’ll think about it.
Oh! Thinking. I’ve just been given some money.

Pausing she says, This is my gift to you.
And take a bag of these herbs as well.
May I introduce my husband. And my son too.

Yep, I met her (and family) at the Health Food Store.
That would be over a week ago.
O! the kindness of strangers.

Thanks to Pat, the Medical Herbalist. I’m coughing better!

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One thought on “I Met Her At The Health Food Store”

  1. Dear Rev. Mugo
    I was wondering how your cough was doing.

    Thank you for the link to the story about your old boss.

    I hope the oils and herbs and all the R’s are helping you recover. I’m sure Pat’s kindness will have helped a lot too. That was a lovely gift, not only of the herbs but of her ‘care’.

    Do keep warm. Thinking of you.


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