I Will Return, Once More

Duffy Lake, B.C. Interior Duffy Lake, B.C.

Land of the silver birch
Home of the beaver
Where still the mighty moose
Wanders at will

Beside the frozen lake.
Beside the frozen lake.

High on a rocky ledge
I’ll build my wigwam
Close to the water’s edge
Silent and still

Anybody see a seal?
Anybody see a seal?

My heart grows sick for thee
Here in the low lands
I will return to thee
Hills of the north

I together with two female sangha members, drove out of Vancouver yesterday heading towards the interior of British Columbia. We traveled via Whistler and Pemberton. Visited sangha members on the way and ended up close to Dragon Flower Mountain Temple near Lytton around 7.00 pm. Dark then with a clear view of the night sky.

This trip marks the end of my stay in North America, Canada specifically. As we stood gazing out at the frozen lake I started to sing. Land of the Silver Birch, home of the beaver etc. Yes, and I did a little jig too! How does the refrain go?

Blue lake and rocky shore
I will return once more
Boom diddy-ah da,
boom diddy-ah da,
boom diddy-ah da,

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One thought on “I Will Return, Once More”

  1. very cool, in a very Canadian way — engulfed in snow with no where to go, etc., et al. Be well on your journey home and thanks for sharing with us while you were here.

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