If Rocks Can Smile

Rocks smile in Idaho

I’ve been there and back again. The journey on the train from the Eden Valley through the Yorkshire Dales to Leeds was spectacular. My stay in London good. The hike across the width of Hyde Park, both energizing and restorative. The meeting with number one Jade reader from Russia, most charming. And my visa is on it’s way. In the slow lane. Who is in a hurry after all?

Yes, that’s right. Who’s in a hurry? And if so why? If rocks can smile….

Many thanks for your well wishes.

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2 thoughts on “If Rocks Can Smile”

  1. Perhaps that’s why the rock smiles…no hurry, just rain to wash its face, sun to warm its face, the passing of the seasons to watch, the solidity of the earth below, the open sky above and the twirling leaves in the wind. Sometimes I find this feeling or it finds me throughout the day…on my bike along the river, a cup of tea on the sofa in the sun as it comes through the window and the cat purrrrrrrrrrrrrs in my lap…no hurry when none is needed….

  2. That’s the joy of being retired. I can be like that rock. Absolutuley no need to hurry. The one thing I have is time, even if the amount of years left to me are less than the amount I’ve already lived.

    Thank you for that little snippet.


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