Images from Germany 1

I had a plan. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked. So here are random photographs, rather than organized ones. They were taken while visiting one of our temples in the Black Forest in Germany. It is good to be back on the blogging trail once again.

This was too hard to resist. Bad means bath, this is a spar town, with baths.

Black Forest Gateaux.

The autumn colours were at their height and the forest was easily accessible. I was able to amble in the afternoon sunshine.

Bad Teinach

In this part of the Black Forest there are small wooden huts everywhere. A hut fanciers paradise if ever there was one. This hut next door to the temple is in poor repair, most are immaculate.

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3 thoughts on “Images from Germany 1”

  1. Good to have you back online, Reverend! The Bad Hotel and the gateau started my day with a smile. What are the huts typically used for? Meditation is the first thing that comes to mind, but doesn’t fit the context.

  2. The huts? I think they are used as places to sit in and enjoy nature. I noticed a whole bunch of huts placed close together with little gardens right in front of a block of apartments. From this I gathered that hut life is an important part of life even if they are all jamed up close together. Wish I’d got a photograph but I was in a car on the way to the airport at the time. Glad you like the ‘bad’ cake! We are going to make the same cake for our holiday treat this year.

    Thanks RB, as I said before it is good that you have your blog up again, especially since I have a few links to it. And yes, there will be at least two more postings of photographs from Germany.

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