In The Morning – Light Shines

Mt. Shasta, Northern California in late December.
Mt. Shasta, Northern California in late December.

One of the monks took this photograph of Mt. Shasta this morning. I’ll call him an ‘associate photographer’ for Jade – there are others of course. This image really struck a note with me and so here it is for readers and viewers to enjoy. Last year the mountain had only a light dusting of snow and this year it’s fully iced. I’m thinking in cake terms as we are heading into cake decorating tomorrow. Something I always loved to do with Rev. Master Jiyu presiding over the holiday treat making.

The longest night passed without comment this year. Over on Warp and Weft Knitting there is this post, Lightly Held, on the Longest Night and wanted to draw your attention to it. If you are a knitter, there is much on this site to appreciate. And if not there is much you will appreciate especially the light touch and humour behind the whole blog. Keep on blogging. In the morning light shines, unrelentingly.

Thanks you people for returning again and again. Please do subscribe to receive blog posts directly via email. If you have trouble doing that leave a comment and I’ll write back. I’ve not sorted out the contact form and there is little chance of doing that before the end of the year. Oh, and please do leave comments. Reading them and responding is all part of the blog which I continue to enjoy writing and photographing for.

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8 thoughts on “In The Morning – Light Shines”

  1. The photo is breathtaking. I am in Redding now, taking care of Mom. While out walking the dog each day, I take in the vision of that beautiful mountain and think of you and everyone at the Abbey.

    1. Well, I had been thinking of you Kathleen and now I see you are not so very far away. Happy Christmas and hopefully this is not too long a stay away from your beautiful coastal retreat(s). Just now and then the mountain comes into consciousness and it is indeed breathtaking. Today? Maybe some sun to light it up however there is a dusting of snow on the ground but not enough to be doing major snow clearing. Thankfully. More singing this morning.

  2. Hi Rev. Mugo;
    Thank you for your kind encouragement. The blogging “mojo” – well it hasn’t entirely left so I keep on tossing something up every once in a while. I know I have written this before, but it bears repeating how much gentle encouragement your blog provides – always reminding one to look up.
    With gratitude, and hope the baking goes well. (I had some of Rev. Valora’s home made oreos last week – sooooo good.)

    1. Oh thank you Michele. If Jade reminds you and others to ‘look up’ then that’s good. Blog on, blog on.

      The baking went well as you can see from yesterdays post. The cake decorating went a bit ‘concept’ orientated. Much I didn’t quite understand although the Santa head first in the ‘snow’ was fun. One cake had all the father Christmas’s herded up behind some pine trees. Rain deer rebellion! Another had sleigh, rain deer an’ all jumping a fence right into some pine trees. Revenge again? The corralled herd were the most contented, with FC and sleigh parked outside. All just taking a break from the action. Not a bad idea for all of us.

    1. Know you are always there – with your growing family sat peacefully playing at your side. You wish! Yah, Happy Christmas to you and the whole family.

    1. Well Norman, I am glad you see harmony there. The making was somewhat chaotic I have to say. All the best to Brenda and you.

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