Intimate Space

Yesterday I drove north towards Scotland to meet with a blog reader and long time sangha member and his wife and three week old baby. They had driven down from Edinburgh on their first long run in the car with baby aboard. The moment they came to a halt in the car park of Otterburn Mill it was feeding time, again!

Being around a couple getting accustomed to a new little being in their lives is quite touching. The care and tenderness eminating from them spread out all around us as we went about the business of ordering and eating a meal. At one point I was asked if I wanted to hold the baby and I declined saying something like I’m nervous around babies and an upset one is the last thing you want on a long drive. But actually, on reflection, I realize there is such a bond of intimacy between mother and baby, and father too these days, I felt it not quite right to cross over into that space. Can’t explain it.

Coming back across the Northumberland moors with drop dead views in all directions I saw lambs scampering about. Spring has reached these parts however not so in the West Allyn Valley. We seem to be a good week behind, no lambs, no daffodils or pink blossom. We have that yet to come.

But I’ll be away when the buds burst. For the next couple of weeks I’ll be off-line and in Wales. It’s a rare opportunity for me to be able to take a complete break from my monastic responsibilities and retreat. Thanks to those who are making this possible.

On route to Wales there will be a couple of nights stay in Harrogate with a day retreat in Leeds on Saturday. I have to carry my laptop with me so I may post tomorrow, or I may not.

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4 thoughts on “Intimate Space”

  1. Enjoy Wales. Maybe the lambing will be under way in West Allendale ere you return. But as I recall, lambing tends to start in late April on Alston Moor. Before “global warming” snowstorms in May (called lambing storms) was not unusual.

  2. Thanks people. Now in Harrogate and enjoying the company of those who keep and care for horses. Wonderful!

    And yes there is a plan to visit Germany later on in the year, July I think.

    Many thanks for your well wishes.

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