Jigger Jaggerd

Flying West to
Eastern Europe
A culture
Shift – a shock.

Looking at normal
So called – but whose?
Normal questioned
Humbling – humbled.

Blocks of grey flats
Soot blackened walls
Sadness for eye
Heart – break.

Cathedral turret
Gleaming bronzed.
An Eastern confection
Renovation – restoration.

From West to
East with refreshed
Eyes and mind

Good to be disturbed, to have ones cultural norms thrown into sharp relief. Jigger – jagger! Moving around can loosen ones foundations. There is no   permanent ‘place’ to lay ones mind. The Soviet past is like a particular perfume mixed in with a swipe of eye watering cleaner. Mixed in with pre Soviet grandeur. This is all a challenge to the mind that, has views. Not to be held on to. Acknowledged here? Yes.

We have a full schedule of activities organised for the next few days. Our host is a Latvian born American monk here establishing herself to teach the Dharma. I’m impressed already.

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4 thoughts on “Jigger Jaggerd”

  1. Look up St. PETERS church Riga. What a history. The sun was glinting off the recently refurbished bronzed spire as we crossed the river in a city mini bus.

  2. Makes you appreciate the materialistic West where most of the streets are clean and people take care of their houses, no matter how humble or grand. I’ve been to the East Bloc, and they can have it!

    1. You hit it. Streets and houses! I have to look at the spaces in between though. A good thought to start the day. It is so much our human way to zoom in on ‘things’ and miss the spaces. Interesting.

      1. Don’t know whether ‘amen’ is an appropriate response to a Zen nun, but as a survivor of Catholic school, it’s the best I can come up with a 5 a.m. I appreciate getting your thoughts as you move about the world. I find them valuable as I, too, sort things out once again as I am in the process of selling my little place in Victoria and will be heading out to….to be determined, but for sure it won;t be to the East Bloc. Be well and stay warm and dry (something most Canadians say because we do indeed live in the frozen North). Gerry

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