Jim In Poetic Mood

Annie and Muji are now a team.

All seems well and content over on the West Coast of Northern California….

I rise to the surface, leaving behind strands of dream images, and burst through into the pre-dawn light and cool coastal breeze coming in the window next to our bed. Annie, our newly adopted miniature schnauzer, has squeezed her way between Nancy and I. Muji, our aged miniature schnauzer, sleeps in a curl at our feet. Nancy breathes quietly, a back-beat to Muji’s snoring.
From Post by Jim Riis

And here in rural Northumberland…we have snow! And I am ill with a cold and cough. And so I’m concentrating on resting and recovering at the moment. More R & R, I guess.

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7 thoughts on “Jim In Poetic Mood”

  1. Hi Rev Mugo

    What a lovely photo!

    Are you going off the snow yet? I popped up to Throssel briefly last week and remarked that it was lovely to see little pockets of snow still dotted around the place. Its all my fault ;>

    Hope you feel better soon


  2. Hope you get well soon Rev Mugo.

    We’ve got snow here too, but nothing that’s laying. I think it’s too windy LOL!

    The rest of Scotland sounds pretty bad, hope it’s not too bad at the Abbey

    In gassho, Kevin

  3. Snowing lightly in Weaverville, though the sun breaks out at random times. Typical spring up here. Rest and recover, Rev. Mugo.

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