Junior Teacher

Here is a six year old expressing an understanding; frustrated desire leads to anger which can lead to ‘bad words’. The implication being that bad words are not ‘good’. Well done little one.

I’ll be in flight to Vancouver tomorrow afternoon. They do say that it is spring over there, while here we are entering a late winter.

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2 thoughts on “Junior Teacher”

  1. Desire leads to a sad mouse also who doesn’t wish to be eaten, but desires his own liberation. He never knew it was his all along frowning and unhappy even before he is captured.

  2. The artist’s grandmother here. I find his discovery of the existence of “bad” words to be interesting. He’s a little fascinated by the idea.
    I like the say the mouse is unhappy throughout the first sequence in which he gets eaten but that being eaten doesn’t end the story and he’s happy in the 2nd sequence in which he gets away.

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