Just Biking

As I was biking to work the other day, I got to thinking about how I take the same route all the time, and how sometimes the ride is interesting and sometimes boring, and it occurred to me there’s an analogy to be drawn between biking and sitting meditation.

The Logogryph has just past the one year mark. Congratulations!

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3 thoughts on “Just Biking”

  1. Thanks for that! I ride about 20 Kilometers a day, to and from work and have had the same experiences. It is a lovely ride along the river here in the city and often it is “meditation in motion”! Trains are also meditation for me in motion. The bike moves, the train moves, the thoughts move…but the mind can remain still. All the best…Jack

  2. I spent a lot of time bicycle touring before I became a monk. In the beginning I’d have an idea to go somewhere, go and buy a bike, pack and strap everything on. The first one like that was from Mancester to Surrey, via Portsmouth if I remember rightly.

    So I enjoy reading about life on the bike, urban or otherwise.

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