Knock ’em Over

Jazzy the pug. In her youth, a couple of years ago, she had a modeling job. She trotted up and down at a dogie fashion show wearing the latest in dog attire. Mostly these days it’s on with the red harness and out to amaze and amuse the world on Whyte Avenue, Edmonton. Jazzy, always the show stopper.

Overheard in a large store in Telford last week. Come on, let’s knock ’em over Jim. A young father encouraging his small boy to leave behind the engaging toys. Parents as mates, parents as big friends and parents who protect. Parents who parent in a radically different way. Gone the authority figure, or only brought out when really needed. No better no worse a way, just different. If there is love and respect and tenderness parenting works, not and there is a struggle.

Knock ’em over Jazzy. No struggles and be careful out there this winter.

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