Lamp Unto Oneself

Our phone conversation was coming to a close. She asked, ‘Is there anything you can suggest I do to help myself during the day’? I asked, ‘Well, is there anything that you can think of? There was a long pause and then the answer came. ‘This might sound strange, given all that I’ve spoken about, however everything is well’.

Light House, South Shields Northumberland.

“Those who, either now or after I am dead, shall be lamps unto themselves, relying upon themselves only and not relying upon any external help, but holding fast to the truth as their lamp, and seeking their salvation in the truth alone, and shall not look for assistance to any one besides themselves,…”
The Buddha’s Farewell.

Seeking help is not a problem, overly ‘relying’ on or depending upon external help is.

Be a lamp unto yourself…because you are that lamp.

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2 thoughts on “Lamp Unto Oneself”

  1. To ask, or not to ask . . .a longstanding question in practice. Slowly (some lights go on by way of a dimmer-switch) it appears that looking within can suggest when to ask for help, and asking for help can suggest that it’s time to look within. ..and “I could be wrong” is there too.

    The marvelous lamp in the photo looks as if it might have tipped its cap and walked on after the shot was taken!

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