Lasting Impressions

Hanging in the hedge a disgarded corn chip packet. With my consciousness recently raised on roadside littering I reached for the bag with the intention of transporting it to a bin. Along with other rubbish I’d picked up. It’s been raining, the bag had filled with water. Emptying the bag, a drowned rodent spilled out! I silently recited a short scripture for its benefit.

The figure kneeling before the Buddha caught my attention as I sat drinking tea yesterday in Yorkshire. (Jason the cat replaced me on the warmed flagstones.) In a certain way, figuratively speaking, life experiences can have us on our knees. Sometimes big events in one’s life are so huge, SO HUGE, the impression never goes away, yet fades in time. Thankfully. Sometimes seemingly small events have us on our knees.

A drowned rodent,
in a chip packet,
hanging in a hedge,
in the English countryside.

So sorry,
So very sorry.

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2 thoughts on “Lasting Impressions”

  1. My heart goes out to you and the rodent. I had a similar experience many years ago and the sorrow is as fresh as ever…. always spurring me to take care and do my very best by all beings.

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