Laughing And Sitting – Together

Well I’d not seen Galaxy Quest before. The film might have been made twelve years ago however it hasn’t dated one bit. Watching films in company is a whole different thing to watching alone. Perhaps laughing with others draws invisible threads that strengthen something good.

Sitting in rows looking at a wall meditating has the same strengthen of something good.

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4 thoughts on “Laughing And Sitting – Together”

  1. A thing experienced alone is only half a thing. A thing shared comes alive. The deeper my connection with myself the less I might need to look to things outside whilst at the same time the deeper the intimacy with (all) things might be. But, share it, and oh, what joy.

    There is in my experience, much learning to be had in the nature of connection, intimacy; seeing together. This separation, connection and the underlying oneness is for me a foundation of spiritual life. The story of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge, the fall, to me speaks of the separation of The One into the many that it might come to know its self.

    The film looks fun!

  2. Thanks Dave. Food for contemplation. I can see how this has ignited you, and that is good. Yes, the film is an absolute must. To watch with a friend or three….

  3. I was just watching Galaxy Quest last night!

    I look forward to the day that humans decide that we really need to re-design our entire civilization according to “Star Trek”…

  4. What a wonderful thing to find you leaving a comment. I guess it is no surprise you were watching Galaxy Quest – never feel that far away from you and Ms. T. Too bad I didn’t make it to Edmonton this year. I was looking forward to a movie or three. I am not enough in to Star Trek to know if I’d like to live like them.

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