Leanard Cohen – Video – Meditation

I didn’t realise the talents and sensibility of Leanard Cohen until his passing. I did know about him ordaining as a Zen Buddhist monk and remaining in robes for five years, I think it was. In this interview he talks about his song writing etc. however what caught my attention was his description of meditation. His actual personal experience described so eloquently.

Of course words about that which is outside of, or past, word descriptions are just that, descriptions of an experience. Because of his poetic sensibilities and skill what he says reaches the heart.

If anybody listens/watches this video and gets to the part I describe please make a note of where it appears, the time, and let me know so I can add that to this post. Needles to say I have been SO full on with activity these past months (few posts here I’m sorry to say) I’ve not the extra time to watch the video again.

Thanks to Julius for the link to the video.


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5 thoughts on “Leanard Cohen – Video – Meditation”

  1. I could not see the video link, but Leonard Cohen has been one of my favorite poet/musicians since I was 19. One interview I heard him talk about his teacher. He said something like if his teacher would have taught Physics, Leonard would have studied physics.

  2. He talks about silence at 2 mins and 30 secs. and Zazen at 9mins.and 15 secs. Hopefully that’s the bit you referred to ?
    Also check out his interview with Stina Dabrowski,conducted during his monastic training.Quite long but worth it.

  3. A very interesting video. I think it was more towards the end, certainly in the closing minutes that he describes what meditation is for him.
    I’ve looked at it twice now. It merits more than just one viewing.

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