Learning From Experience

I was driving a friend of my wife’s to a hospital fifty miles away. It was a thunder, lightning and rain Summer’s night. At one point I had to almost go off road to get around a large tree that had blown down on to the road. After a few more miles I suddenly saw two cows next to my window and then saw a bunch of them ahead of me. I slammed on the brakes and to my horror we plowed right into a group of them, a dozen or so filled the road way. I felt an impact and the hood of my truck folded up into a tent shape and all I could see was a calf walking toward the edge of the road dragging a broken leg.

Contemplative Spaces post: Driving

Contemplative Spaces
, with ace content, is a relative new blog written by a chap I know through my work within the OBC. He lives in rural Washington State with his wife. From time to time Helmut has agreed to make a guest appearance here on Jade.

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