Learning Late

The view from my window this morning.

Why, love is easy, you discover
after a lifetime blocking that route
with boulders and trunks of trees:
simply remove debris you put there
yourself, and the road is level,
straight to the horizon.

Bless us, it is better to learn
just before the sun sets what day it is,
than not at all. Impious old
Uncle Charles took Jesus as Savior
mere minutes before he died.
Pastor was very happy.

Knowledge of what a sparrow means
by singing earns you no interest,
so acquire it only when you’re ready.
Something the young don’t realize:
late learnings lack years to harden
into dogma, the way arteries harden.

Mistakes make good students—
and that school is always in session.
It isn’t necessary that you graduate:
even the teachers are still learning.

Some say the greatest lessons await
after Pastor throws dirt on the coffin.
How about that for learning late.
By Russell Rowland
Published on this site.

Yes! A Thousand time yes. Although the ‘greatest lesson(s)’ are here and now, no need to wait.

Thanks to Eric who thoughtfully sent me the link to this poem.

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