Left and Right Arm Tattoo Quotes

These images are a follow on from this post where there are a few comments on the left arm image.
On the left arm…

The last of human freedoms;
The ability to choose one’s attitude
in a given set of circumstances.

On the right arm…

Fortunate are those who are curious,
For they shall have adventures!

The chap sporting this tatoo loved to read as a young child and never stopped. It is him walking into the house built of books.

These tattoos are on the arms of the chief cook in the care centre where I was visiting Rev. Master Meiten in Victoria, Canada July 2017. Many memories flood in as I think about that time. With bows to the congregation who supported me while I stayed on the island. The cook was special, we would pass the time of day quite frequently as I waited to meet somebody in the lobby of the care home.

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