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“The Precepts embrace both the goal and the method of spiritual training. The Precepts are seen to be the method of training when we recognize our need for a refuge and an anchor in the midst of the changing conditions of daily life. The effort to keep the Precepts enables us to find this refuge and this anchor. The Precepts are seen to be the goal of training when we have so cleansed body and mind of selfish desire, ill-will and egotism that we live the Precepts naturally without feeling that we are restrained by them. To live thus is to manifest Enlightenment in the midst of daily life. The Precepts are active throughout our training in both of these aspects”.
The Precepts, Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg

I mentioned yesterday I’d point towards some ‘hidden gems’ of Dharma. I guess I’m particularly interested because there are some basic texts from within the Serene Reflection Tradition, as practiced in the O.B.C., that I’d no idea were available on-line.

On May 17th we, in Edmonton, are going to have a modified form of the Renewal of Vows Ceremony. This is when trainees rededicate to keeping the Precepts as well as make a statement of intent to do so in the future. Reading the three files listed here may help prepare those who attend the ceremony on the 17th. And they may be of help for people who don’t.

The Kyojukaimon and Commentary, Great Master Dogen and Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett.
Reading the Kyojukaimon and Commentary, David Powers.
The Precepts, Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg.

The article by David Powers was first published in 1981. At that time both lay and monastic practitioners were encouraged to read the Kyojukaimon and Commentary daily. I’d imagine novices are still doing their spiritual reading on the ‘wing’ in their spare time, as I was. Hum, perhaps that’s a good practice to pick up again for a bit.

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