A Lightness To The Step

Bluebells in hedgerow. Nature does it so well!

Not for the first time I inwardly nodded with approval. Over the past few years, slowly but surely, a once crumbling building is being restored to a serviceable state. There is clearly a quality job being done. As I walked on it occurred to me that I might have been disapproving of this project. Interestingly I realized that it didn’t matter in the slightest what I thought! Thoughts are not the thing. How easy it can be to get caught up in ones own thoughts. To approve of approving or disapprove of disapproving! Uh! What a mine field, thankfully this time just seen from the edge of the field.

I walked on up the lane where life showed itself in that uplifting way which brings lightness to the step. A bird on a branch sings for you alone. A wildflower shows itself in its utter simplicity. An industrious Thrush pecks for worms. Lambs charm. The way only new lambs can.

Perhaps my regular steps past the builders work is much like being ignited by bird song, wild flowers and sunlight shafting through branches. I appreciate the beautiful brick work and the little architectural details emerging from the rubble. Brings a lightness to my step, now I think about it.

So what am I getting at here? Perhaps a small reminder to walk with a lighter step inwardly and find inward compassion when judgmentalism has us walk with heavy step.

As we are within so we are with others.

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2 thoughts on “A Lightness To The Step”

  1. I read a quote today, it sort of fits here.

    The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely and unhappy is to go outside,
    somewhere they can be quiet alone with the heavens and nature….
    Nature brings solace in all troubles.

    Ann Frank

    I will leave you to your own thoughts on the thoughts of this young lady. I am off to wipe my eyes.

  2. That is telling coming from Ann. Her moments of escape to the outdoors must have been profound. As our outdoor times are. Even in the busy street, nature abounds.

    Thanks Keith.

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