Listening Chicken

1White chicken

The hen can hatch her eggs
because her heart
is always listening.

From The Secret of the Golden Flower
A Taoist meditation text.

The other day I went for a long walk with some of the monastic guests staying here. Our route took us through a farm yard. A hen and a clutch of fluff-ball day-old, or so, chicks were scuttling for safety. I was bemused at how many of them there were and also that they came in two colour ways. Black and white ones.

Thanks to Jade in the US for finding the quote I was asking about in my last post. BTW I’d not recommend reading the book I’ve quoted from. It’s somewhat esoteric.

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2 thoughts on “Listening Chicken”

    1. I took the photograph back in November 2011 at a cafe come art gallery in Yorkshire. Nice place, very talkative chicken. I feel like I almost know what they are saying.

      Nice post yourself by the way So, you have been off in the mountains again. Can’t keep you away. Ay?

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