Living The Teaching – A Recorded Talk

Goslings in a community park in Mt. Shasta.

The posts of the past few days were, in part, a way for me to prepare a talk which I’d agreed to give here at Shasta Abbey, today. You can download the talk from the Shasta Abbey website. There are about three long pauses between sections, so it can be listened to in chunks. It’s one hour in length total.

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3 thoughts on “Living The Teaching – A Recorded Talk”

  1. Thank you ever so much for the talk and the accompanying posts. I went for a walk today, noticing the looking up, looking down, looking wide, forgetting to look. Lots of birds. All is well in the moment.

  2. Great to hear your talk Rev Mugo, and read your recent posts. The image/description of ‘the darkened hall’ is very evocative and helpfull. I’ll walk on with that one. Hope all is well with you.
    In Gassho,

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