Looking Up?

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Now is the time to look up. Literally. Not because there are black clouds gathering with threat of rain chasing you off high places for shelter lower down. For many good reasons rising eyes from the ground and above the horizontal is advised. While, of course, glancing down, to step safely.

Walking with eyes down cast. Sitting with eyes down cast. Standing looking into a ‘device’ all have an impact both mentally and physically. And this morning as I prepare for a walk around Stocks Reservour in the Bowland Forest I’m thinking of ‘aiming up’. Meaning I’ll be raising my eyes above the level of the horizon, frequently. Not just because there are birds and wild fowl buzzing about. butterfly’s too. All interesting to be marveled at.

Nope its because raising my eyes is ‘uplifting’. Who would have thought it only takes look up to uplift oneself. Nothing more required. Well except for also remembering not to fly off (mentally) into the treetops and leave the rest of me behind, dangling unknowingly nowhere in particular. Better stay back with that which is the rest of me!

No thrills, no spills.

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4 thoughts on “Looking Up?”

  1. One of the most helpful pieces of advice that I was given, when attending the Abbey, many years ago, was ‘Look up’. The dynamic of looking down, when one is feeling ‘low’, is changed significantly by the simple act of raising the eye line.
    More recently, my grandson, who gets very nervous on his way to nursery school, has been helped by looking up at the clouds. We have now written down our ‘look up’ conversation, which we have most mornings, as a story. Thank you for this reminder, Rev. Mugo

  2. I so relate to letting my mind fly off into the trees and leaving myself behind so to speak. I miss the so many things if i am not present: my dog’s delight in a bird or a squirrel or a scent, the blue heron standing so till amidst the reeds on the river, the color of the trees and all the shades of green and the colors of the clouds between rain showers. Thank you for the reminder as we walk often and am so grateful we can. Colette

  3. I always enjoy yours postings, Rev. Mugo! They are so often light-hearted (and uplifting!) like this one, and then there is the message that is so helpful.

    I love looking up at birds and clouds and treetops!

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