Mabel Sit!

Ah Mabel. Yesterday a photo call by the milky white waterfall in the aptly named Sourmilk Gill above Grasmere.

I’ve know Mabel since she was a wee pup. She just turned three years March 1st and is as lively as ever and loves the lakes almost as much as I do. Whatever the weather, wetter the better for her.

I’ve traveled this path about four times in the last year and as I walked this time memories swam in and out. In my mind walks jumbled together along with the different companions, the walking conditions, stops to snack etc.

Memory snap-shots all jumbled out of sequence. And it maybe the out-of-sequence nature of memories generally that has me wondering just how much of memory is made up, unconsciously. Imaging, imagining, visualizing events and conversations so as to make sense of the jumble. Brains are brilliant at keeping us safe mentally and emotionally. But not necessarily accurate. As we know to our cost sometimes.

So my thought now is on what my teacher taught us. To remember to think when in contention, ‘I could be wrong’, or alternatively ‘I could be right’! An aid to nurturing humility and confidence, depending. All relative though.

Thanks to friends who tolerate my leaky memory. Wars are made of this! Careers are lost and broken because of this.

Plain outright fibs are another story. Mabel! Did you roll in Fox poo? Who me!

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7 thoughts on “Mabel Sit!”

  1. Tai, the dog I look after has a message for Mabel regarding fox poo and other such things, “Them as asks no questions isn’t told a lie.” Now I as a mere human couldn’t possibly comment. 😊

  2. Hi Rev Mugo
    Funny you say ‘I could be right’ – for those of us who have low self esteem (not so much now!) this wd be a good mantra! Thinking of my own journey, I recently wrote:
    8 points (see no 5)
    1. People are well meaning and not out to trip me up
    2. Karma can be cleansed
    3. Ordinary life is not separate from training
    4. ‘What is good to do’ arises naturally without my contriving what to do
    5. I may be right
    6. I can follow my interests without guilt or self-judgement
    7. It is enough to do zazen and follow the Precepts to the best of my ability
    8. I CAN relax and enjoy my own company and that of others.

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