Super Cute Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae a four and a half year old Pug

Maggie Mae was recently adopted and moved from a farm in Alberta, Canada to Edmonton. She was doing well with her house training and life in general, until recently. Her person, Mike of Jazzy and Mike renown is concerned as Maggie Mae has been poorly and Mike feels she is going down hill physically. Is she not super cute?

Spare a good thought for all of them.

The following photograph was added on 11th December.

Maggie Mae now feeling MUCH better!

See also comment attached to this posting if you need to know, or be reminded of, what it’s like to take care of a sick animal.

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2 thoughts on “Super Cute Maggie Mae”

  1. Mike sent and email with news of his sick dog.

    Maggie Mae is finally feeling better after a couple of days that were quite bad. It was a hard week as I seemed to be up all night with her and then at work all day. It proved to be an invaluable training time as I tried to keep myself in the moment I was in and focused on thing at a time. Not getting angry at Maggie Mae for soiling the rugs was also great reinforcement even though it seemed all I have done for a week is clean. Thank you for your thoughts and for the mention on your blog, she is a great little Pug although not quite as sharp as Jazzy but much more of a snuggler.

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