Making Manifest – Creativity

fungus-in-the-parkYou are not to know

trig-point-benson-knottThe story behind this

looking-towards-penninesor this

askham-mooror this

And I do wonder if that actually matters. The story that is. Four  images taken at different times and places and all have much to say. Or rather I’ve, potentially much to say.

What they have in common is a path, one that I’ve walked and probably others too. All with their own unique tale to tell, even the sheep! That’s now faded into the past yet the images remain in my mind and they too will fade. Given half the chance.

The path though? The multi dimensional path, on the ground, in ones mind and where that path leads. Up a hill,….and there goes my alarm telling me I have to go and catch a train to London.

Somebody suggested to me the other day that walking was a creative act in that it is making manifest an intention. I’ve been doing quite a bit of creative work recently!

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One thought on “Making Manifest – Creativity”

  1. Hi fellow (sister?) walker,

    Although I have met you only twice, I truly value your posts from here and there. This one, I find, is valuable to me. I am recovering from a knee injury that has kept me from embarking on another ‘path’ in life. Then, as I look at your pictures above, I appreciate that forging a path and walking it is the most important thing I can do…and so, as I heal, I am taking more time to think about my proverbial ‘next move,’ which path I will create and walk. Be well, and just keep walking in your beloved homeland.

    Warm Regards, Gerry

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