Orlando (The Marmalade Cat)

Looking for a home….
Still looking for a home….
Free and noble spirit – glad of a meal.

My parents had a succession of ginger cats, all strays. The last one they called Olly after Orlando The Marmalade Cat who featured in a series of children’s books. I see that Orlando Went To The Moon and then in another book Orlando Becomes A Doctor! Cute.

This cat made his move this afternoon. As I pulled up after being away over night the fur-ball ginger was pacing the wall outside of the house where I am staying. He, and ginger cats are generally male, jumped onto the car as I came to a full stop. Sooo cute. But unfortunately I can’t take on a cat, as much as I’d like to.

The story goes that he lived across the road and when his people moved he wouldn’t. He just kept on finding his way back to his known home area. Animals are just amazing at navigating their way back to where they regard as home, often traveling huge distances.

Ginger looks fit and well though. The new house owner is probably feeding him. Probably half the neighbouhood is feeding him! You have to like them don’t you. Love ’em really. I think it is their free spirit and them being their own cat, so to speak, that makes felines so very attractive.

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7 thoughts on “Orlando (The Marmalade Cat)”

  1. …and my childhood one was called Kipper! Pity I’m allergic to them now as Clare would love one.

    In gassho,


  2. Our earliest cat I remember was in Singapore, my Mam told me that I tried to put it in the packing cases when we left.

    When we moved to Hayes we adopted the Mother Cat, we found her in the shed (made from the packing cases from Singapore) with a litter of wee squeeks.
    She had a few until we got her “done”. From each litter we always kept one.
    The line finally went and we had to get some new cat stock. Enter Flecky and Patch. Patch was quite sedate and fleckie the adventurer. We think he may have had some sort of excitement problem as she would play chicken with the cars along the road, sadly he lost before he was a couple of years old.
    Patch, our faithful mouser/ratter went on for more then 13 years.
    My Mam and Dad did not have any more until they moved to Shetland. I had a couple called Echo and Mellow. Echo was the one to be found clinging to the wall paper at the ceiling, unable to descend and mellow would be asleep just out of the fall zone.
    I remember each cat as if it were kin. Even now as I write I can see them and wonder what they would be doing now.
    Cats have a way about them. I can see why the Egyptians of old saw them as mythical beasts.

    I miss my cats, the rented property society bars them.

    They have made many a dull moment happy, the act of stroking a cat can bring calm. Perhaps a friend in need.

    As my Dad succumb to Alzheimer’s the cats passed on. For a moment it seemed that we should have got some new cats to help him. Now he only remembers the cat from Singapore.

  3. He is one cool cat. A regular ‘sitter’ on the fence post at the back of the garden where he sometimes waits for a stroke first thing in the morning.

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