Means of Identification

Dunking it, what ever it is, in bleach is not always the best solution. Today I did dunk some stained fabric in a bleach solution, so far so good. That scrap and I started life together some 25 years ago as one of several cloths that go with a set of formal eating bowls, used during monastic retreats.

It just so happens ‘Bleach fact sheet’ is the first item listed under general textile care in an archival posting on Rebecca’s Pocket, which I was very glad to have found again this evening. Here’s the other headings in this treasure trove posting on caring for domestic linen; stain removal guides, miscellaneous, vintage textiles, textile conservation, caring for linen and vintage linen.

My bowl set linens have remained with me all these years probably because I have name tapes sewn on them. Such is community living. This evening I started the long project of sewing tapes onto all of my clothes. They are not required, however I love my clothes well enough to go to the trouble. After all one sock looks much the same as another, unless it has a name! There will be no problem finding out who I am should I be found unconcious with no means of identification on me. Sad thought, however such things do happen.

Here is where to buy woven name tapes which will last longer than the items they’re sewn to. I’m still using a couple that belonged to my paternal grandmother. Bless her.

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4 thoughts on “Means of Identification”

  1. I don’t know if you meant to be funny, thinking of your socks being the means to identify you lest you be found dead somewhere, but it made me giggle. Not the thought of you being dead, just the way you put it.

  2. Heather. No, I was not meaning to be funny however I can see how you could see the funny side of what I was saying.

    One thing that kinda gets to me is when you hear of people found unconscous, or indeed dead, and nobody knows who they are and are not able to trace their nearest and dearest. Worse, maybe they don’t have anybody who cares about them.

  3. Yeah, I know, it just struck me funny.

    Stories like that are sad, it’s true. I should have contact info in my wallet.

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